It’s the Law

  1. All anglers must comply with NH Fish & Game Department laws.
  2. Salmon cannot be taken through the ice! Bass, Brown Trout and Salmon are not allowed to be entered into this Derby. It is the responsibility of each angler to comply with the rules.
  3. While fishing in N.H. know that there are restrictions when using lead fishing sinkers and jigs. Please refer to N.H. RSA 211:13-b to make sure you are within the law.
  4. Littering of any New Hampshire lake is a violation of the law and nature. Anything left on the ice will, at some point, be released into the lake. Please keep America clean. Do the right thing! Carry off what you carry on. Be sure to use the bathroom facilities provided at Derby Headquarters in Meredith and in other locations.
  5. Lake Waukewan is a town water supply and it is a violation to drive any vehicle on this lake. The Meredith Rotary Club highly recommends you do not drive any vehicle onto any body of water.
  6. The Meredith Rotary Club strongly supports the Catch & Release philosophy. Be realistic in judging whether your fish will make the prize board. If the fish does not look to be of competitive size, release it back into the water. Various radio stations broadcast fish size information during the Derby.
  7. Go to during the derby weekend to get up to the minute standings on the virtual fish board, the minimum and maximum weight and length of the leading fish in each category, and the current cash prize drawing winners.

This website will carry up-to-date fish information and various radio stations. They also broadcast that information often during the Derby.

You Need to Know

  1. Minors under the age of 16 must have a valid Derby ticket if submitting fish for consideration. Fishing licenses are not required for minors under the age of 16 for ice fishing. Please refer to the laws set forth by the NH Fish & Game Department.
  2. Since Cusk are known to feed after dusk, it is permitted for anglers to set lines on the Friday evening of Derby weekend. However, all fish submitted for consideration for prizes must be caught after midnight to be eligible.
  3. The Derby Headquarter Trailer (in Meredith) is open for Derby ticket sales and NH fishing license sales starting at 8 am the Friday of Derby weekend. The trailer hours for ticket purchase are: Friday, 8 am to 10 pm, Saturday, 6 am to 3 pm, Sunday 6 am to 3 pm. Tickets sold after 12 noon Saturday of Derby Weekend will be eligible for ticket stub cash drawing prizes only.
  4. The parents or guardians of any individual under 16 years of age who is awarded any prize is responsible for processing and submitting all necessary documents to the Internal Revenue Service, as required.